Musical Background

Alyssa is a seasoned, versatile, powerhouse vocalist. She has been singing and performing on stage since she was five. She was on the televised, Tom Slick Show in Denver and sang in front of 5,000 people at just 7 years old. Alyssa met and got on stage with Wynonna Judd when she was just 9 years old where she asked her to sing, and slipped Wynona her mother's demo tape. She and her mother met Wynona backstage after the concert where Alyssa received an autograph and was able to meet Ashley Judd after the concert. Alyssa also performed alongside her Mother for Maria Holly (Buddy Holly) in Clear Lake, Iowa at age 9.

She auditioned for Star Search when she was 10 years old and by age 13 her mother moved them to Tennessee. The two of them performed on the original Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee on several occasions in front of The Country Music Hall of Fame Souvenir Shop. During her time in Nashville, Alyssa and her mother met Tim McGraw when he performed in front of The Hot Doggit and he invited them up to sing. They also met the Bellamy Brothers and Garth Brooks pulled over during one of her mother's performances and listened to her sing.

At 14 years old, she started writing poetry and has won several awards for her poems. She began songwriting shortly after. She has performed at several County and State Fairs, various National and International singing competitions, including the International Freedom Festival, in Windsor Ontario, Canada 2 years in a row, and won in 3 categories for the Essex Singing and Fiddle Competition in Essex Ontario, Canada 2 years in a row. She has won numerous awards for singing competitions that she has participated in over the years. 

Alyssa (alongside her mother) performed with Ron Ellison from The Delfonics at a local establishment in Denver several times in the early 2000s. She also met Heidi Newfield from Trick Pony at the Grizzly Rose in Denver where she received an autograph, during that same time frame. In 2002, she met Geoff Tate from Queensryche and his band at the Village Inn in Thornton Colorado when she was 18. In 2003, Alyssa was able to jam with Daryle Singletary after his concert in Williston, ND. 

In 2007 she won a Wild Card Round in the WeFest Singing Competition at The Rockin' Horse in Minot, North Dakota and had the honor of being one of the selected vocalists to open for Sawyer Brown, singing for 20,000 people in Jamestown, North Dakota. She auditioned for American Idol in Denver twice, Nashville and St Louis. She has also had the honor of meeting Ryan Seacrest from American Idol twice during her audition process. She has also received an autograph from Ace Young- American Idol Season 5 and also met Lauren Alaina- American Idol Season 10. 

While living on the East Coast 2012-2013, Alyssa performed on several occasions with professional drummer Rick Sibbett, who toured with Amy Grant & Blue Man Group. She also performed with professional lead guitarist Jeff Robinson who toured with Dierks Bentley, LeAnn Rimes, Joe Diffie, and Lorrie Morgan and performed with lead guitarist David Panzer of Wilson Pickett. During her time there she also started and fronted Supernova Band and played for thousands of people at National Harbor in Washington DC. She also performed in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Aside from fronting Supernova, Alyssa was one half of the Piano Duo M2M (MARRIED 2 MUSIC) and one half of guitar duo Alyrik. She also fronted Aqua Spank, Lonesome Ryder Band and Kicking Norma and the Jameson Green Band. She also recorded with Jameson Green at the Blue Room Recording Studio.

She comes from a line of vocalists including her Mother Mickaela who was her first and biggest inspiration, as well as her Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Uncle, etc. She comes from a very talented musical family. She has performed at Weddings, private parties, corporate events, clubs, street dances, large concert venues, and small festival stages. She has several years of experience running lights and sound for various entertainment companies, and several years of experience as a DJ (DJ Dazzle) and hosting karaoke shows.

She spent the summer of 2017 traveling to Austin, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia to audition for the Voice! Music is her passion and she isn't giving up on her dreams! She is currently working on a solo project, singing lead as a "hired gun" in several bands in Colorado, fronting Rock cover band Eighty3. During her time with E3 Alyssa was given an opportunity to open for FIREHOUSE in the summer of 2018 (Thank you Everett), she also performed the National Anthem for opening ceremonies at the Rocky Mountain Summer Music Festival in Colorado Springs and performed with E3 at the festival a couple of weeks later. She also performed with Eighty3 at the Highland Street Fair in Denver. Alyssa also fronted the Just Dance Band and R&B group The Crew that featured Sugar Bear, Alyssa and E.D. Rucker for a brief period in 2017/2018. She has performed with numerous artists/bands in Colorado, is working on original music and working with bands and venues as a booking agent/music advocate in Colorado. 

She is making the move to California in May 2019 and looking forward to new projects on the West Coast.

Volunteer Work

Starting when she was 7 years old, Alyssa would ring the Salvation Army Bell every Christmas with her Mother Mickaela, to help raise money for needy families. They would sing in harmony at numerous locations in Northern Iowa. All proceeds went to less fortunate families.

Alyssa and her mother Mickaela also performed together at several geriatric centers (nursing homes) throughout Northern Iowa starting when she was 8 years old, to bring joy to the elderly community. 

As a teen, Alyssa would perform with her Mother Mickaela. They would sing for several charity fundraisers, cancer benefits, etc at various VFW locations in Colorado, for several different things over the years. 

In 2005, Alyssa worked with the Red Cross in Minot, North Dakota to do a charity fundraiser for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. She performed with several other vocalists to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. All of the money received, was donated to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. 

In 2012, Alyssa also performed a Christmas special at a Nursing Home with her guitar duo ALYRIK, in Fredericksberg, Virginia 

In 2014, Alyssa worked with her husband to deliver meals to the terminally ill, for the Angel Heart foundation. 

In 2018 Alyssa performed at the Rocky Mountain Summer Music Festival in Colorado Springs, Colorado to do a charity fundraiser with the Corvette Toy Run, for the Children's Hospital Colorado. 

These are just a few of the small rewarding groups she has been a part of. 



"Put your vision to reality. Wake up and live!"

-Bob Marley


"When you hit a wrong note, it's the next note that makes it good or bad."

-Miles Davis 


"I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music."

-Albert Einstein